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Benefits of Keeping a Beard


The beard in contemporary society has become a popular means of urban fashion, masculinity and style in the metrosexual world for men. You can easily take a walk on the street and you will see a number of men supporting long beards and trendy haircuts. This phenomenon labelled as part of a new subculture called hipster which has spread across cities and even nations.

Besides beards now being seen as a trendy form of style for gentleman in modern society they have been grown by men across millennia. Men have grown beards as a religious requirement particularly seen in Jewish, Islamic, Amish, Orthodox and Sikh communities amongst others. Beards have often also been associated with knowledgeable and intellectual men sometimes grown by University Professors and notable philosophical men of history often portrayed through art documenting periods such as Ancient Greece and the ceremonial beards displaying power worn by Egyptian Pharaohs.


Why Should I Consider Growing A Beard?

Recent scientific studies and investigations have uncovered a number of positive factors and benefits which relate to individuals who may consider growing a beard. Within men’s facial hair bacteria have been discovered which also show properties of an antibiotic nature. In 2018 a BBC article highlighted a study conducted in America which was published in the Journal Of Hospital Infection. They studied over 400 individuals who had beards and some who didn’t. This scientific study concluded that individuals who were clean shaven were more likely to have MRSA which is a difficult infection to deal with particularly as it is highly resistant to many antibiotics on the market today. It seemed as if having beards combated and reduced the risk of infection. Surprisingly it seems beards can contain microbes which fight off other harmful bacteria.


Five Benefits Of Growing A Beard

  • May Help Against Skin Cancer: Ultra violet light which occurs naturally from the sun can cause skin cancer when people are out in the sun for prolonged periods. Having a beard can potentially assist in reducing the effect that ultra violet light may have particularly in the facial area.
  • Asthma: Beards act as a barrier for potentially helping reduce the impact of dust as the facial hair can act as a barrier.
  • Warmth: Growing a beard can actually help keep you warmer particularly during colder periods of the year such as winter. Humans naturally have hair across the body. In cold climates and lower temperatures tiny muscles surrounding the hair follicle on human bodies cause the hairs to rise which actually helps to trap more heat close to the body. So having a beard can be useful in heat retention particularly across the face.
  • Reduces Infection: Shaving facial hair increases the chances of obtaining infections and bacterial problems as well as spots. Therefore Having a beard can reduce this risk.
  • Dry Skin: Keeping a beard reduces the chance of having dry skin on your face. The facial hair you might grow keeps the wind and cold at bay which can help in reducing dry skin across the face. In addition to this the sebaceous glands assist in keeping skin moisturised as the beard retains moisture.

Therefore in conclusion to exploring the benefits of keeping a beard it can be clearly seen that beards have many beneficial factors associated with them. As well as being trendy and hip beards have been around for millennia and continue to represent religious communities and provide a platform for many positive associated factors for the progression of men’s health.

Disclaimer: If growing a beard for health issues please seek professional medical advice.