THE SALON 83 – The Salon 83


Our Mantra

We firmly believe in the quote that if you look good you feel good and if you feel good you do good. Feeling good and confidence goes hand in hand, that's why we created The Salon 83. After years of R&D we produced the finest beard care products which are 100% Vegan & Organic that will help you tame your beard just the way you want it. The vitamins and minerals, the texture and the fragrance is absolutely soothing which will keep your beard healthy and feeling fresh throughout the day. So feel good and increase your confidence. Welcome to The Salon 83!

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Why The Salon 83?

Our CEO was never fully satisfied with the beard care products on the market, he always felt there was something missing. He made it his personal goal to make the best beard care products at a very affordable price.
We are immensely proud of our company, Our CEO has always believed that we haven't come to the face of the earth just to breath, It's our duty to contribute and make a difference in the society and people's life's.

Our Products

After years of research we created quality products that will help you to groom the look you want. We spent months & months testing formulas at the labs, barbers and hundreds of bearded men. Picking the finest ingredients, creating a brand logo & packaging. The Salon 83 was created to support bearded men to provide them with tools to feel confident.



Final Note 

We would sincerely like to Thank you for visiting our site, a lot of hardwood and sleepless nights have gone to create these Products and at The Salon 83 we are committed to give you the best experience.

If you have any questions or Concerns you can either email us: or DM us on Instagram @thesalon83